Our Strategy

We seek to provide a personalized design experience. We don't build off the shelf rifles. We make exactly what you want from the parts you'd trust with your life.

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Our Customers

Our customers are men and women from the Carolinas that want a unique rifle or pistol for target shooting, self-defense, competition or collecting.

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Our Community

Triad Armory is active in the Carolina forums discussing trends and developments in the Kalashnikov system. We are as excitied as anyone to see and test the new products.

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Our Services

At Triad Armory we are completely dedicated to restoring your demilled parts to their functional potential focusing on the most accurate recreation possible. With over 15 years of experience in restoring Kalasnikovs, there isn't many configurations that we haven't seen. Please contact us to see if your ideas can come to life.

Our facility is stocked with all the tools and equipment needed to build any AK configuration. Need an underfolding RPK? Need a side-folding Yugoslavian M70? We got you covered.

Do you have an AK that you aren't sure is safe to operate? Maybe a homebuild rifle with questionable workmanship? We can check the rifle at 40 points from headspacing to metallurgy testing on the trunnions. We are concerned with your safety and want you to have the confidence in your rifle that the platform has earned and deserves.

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Kalashnikov Weapons Design

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Kalashnikov Weapons Building

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Kalashnikov Safety and Function Testing

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What my recent customers have to say...

Thanks for helping me decide on my final config. I didn't know it was possible. I appreciate the pics during the build too.

William P.From Carolina Firearms Forum

Great builder. She looks great and shoots straight. I can't wait for our next project. Maybe a Krink.

Michael D. From Carolina Firearms Forum

My new Yugo feels fantastic. I can't wait to take it out and run it hard. Thank you, sir.

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Evan S.From Carolina Shooters Club